Give Them The Vacation They Deserve: What To Look For When Choosing A Kennel For Your Dog This Summer

If you and your family will be taking off for a summer vacation, it's important that you find a safe place for your canine family members to stay while you're away. It's okay for dogs to stay home alone overnight, but beyond that, it can become a dangerous situation. First of all, you have no way of ensuring that your dog is getting the food that they need. Second, there's no way to ensure that your dog hasn't suffered an injury or illness while they're home alone. Checking your dog into a kennel for dog care while you're away will help keep them safe. Before you choose a kennel for your dog, here are four things you should look for.

Air Conditioned Kennels

Dogs can overheat very quickly during the summer, especially when they're not being kept in a cool environment. Before you drop your dog off for summer vacation, make sure the facility you choose provides air conditioned kennels. They may spend part of their time outside, but when they're inside the kennel, you need to make sure that they'll be kept cool. It's also important to ensure that the air conditioning is left on at all times.

Private Quarters

When choosing a kennel for your dog, make sure you choose one that provides private quarters for sleeping and relaxing. It's okay if they spend time outside with the rest of the dogs during the day, but your dog will need a place to call their own when it's time to bed down for the night. This is particularly important if your dog suffers from anxiety.

Shaded Outdoor Areas

If the boarding facility you've chosen for your dog provides an outside exercise area, be sure to check the grounds for available shade. There should be at least a few trees for natural shade, as well as covered patio areas for additional shade. Ideally, there should be access areas for your dog to retreat back into the kennel area when the temperatures become too uncomfortable.

Access to Water

Whether your dog will be spending the bulk of their day outside or in their kennel area, it's crucial that they have access to water at all times. Make sure that the kennel areas have individual watering spots for each dog and that there are accessible free-water spigots throughout the outdoor exercise area. That way, you know that your dog will not suffer from dehydration while you're away on vacation.

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