Natural Alternatives To Homeopathic Vet Care

If you prefer a more natural approach to veterinary care for your pets, you might be attracted to the idea of homeopathic veterinary care. At first, it sounds kind and natural. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll soon find that most veterinarians reject the idea of homeopathy. There's simply little evidence that substances that trigger certain symptoms can fight the illnesses that cause those symptoms – as homeopathy claims. But does this mean you have no natural options for treating your pet? Not at all. 

There are other natural approaches to veterinary medicine that are better supported by evidence, more accepted by the mainstream veterinary industry, and more widely available at reputable veterinary offices. Here are those alternatives:

Naturopathic Veterinary Care

Naturopathic medicine is built upon the notion that when possible, practitioners should use herbs and other "natural" treatments for illness. Naturopaths don't completely avoid prescription medications and western medicine. They simply only turn to these modalities when the more natural approach does not work. Naturopathy has been common in human medicine for years and is now becoming more common in veterinary medicine.

If you take your dog to the naturopath, you can expect a lot of preventative care and advice. These vets know a lot about feeding your dog a healthy diet and using herbal supplements to treat medical problems at their source. At the same time, if your dog needs more intensive care, such as surgery or prescription pain relievers, the naturopath will be on board and ensure your pet gets that care.

Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Vets who advertise that they practice holistic medicine also tend to take a more natural approach. "Holistic" refers to care that centers on the whole body. These vets aim to treat your pet as a whole organism, rather than just treating their symptoms. Instead of just providing meds, they'll dig deeper into why your pet is struggling with the illness they have. They can then make recommendations to help improve your pet's health and avoid similar problems in the future. 

Holistic veterinary medicine does use conventional medications, but generally only when lifestyle changes and more conservative approaches have failed.

Homeopathic veterinary medicine is not usually as effective or safe as people hope, and it's actually quite hard to find since most vets don't support it. If you want a more natural approach for your pet, look instead for a veterinary naturopath or a holistic vet.

For more information, reach out to a veterinarian.

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