Boarding Tips For Your Dog

If you know you are going to be needing to put your dog into a dog boarding facility soon, then you want to be sure you have them well prepared for the stay. There are some things you should be doing for your dog to get them ready for boarding that you may not realize, but after doing these things, you will find they will have an easier time at the facility and you can rest assured that they are going to be healthier and safer there. Here are some of the things you want to be sure you do.

Get your dog their kennel cough vaccination

The kennel cough, or Bordetella, vaccination is one that doesn't last for as long as your dog's other annual vaccinations, so most owners don't make this shot one of their regular ones. Instead, they give their dogs the shot only when they are going to be put at an increased risk of being exposed to kennel cough, such as when they are going to be kept in a boarding facility. The facility can often give the shot when you first bring your dog, but this doesn't give the shot the chance to protect them while they are in there. Therefore, you should take your dog in for the shot about a week or so before you are going to be due to leave your dog at the facility.

Start spending some time away from your dog

If you generally spend the majority of your time with your dog, you may not even know just how stressed they can get when they are away from you. It's a good idea to start leaving your dog with friends or at boarding facilities for short periods of time so you can see how they do and get them more used to being left. If you see that they have a very hard time, then you can also start working with them by hiring a dog behaviorist to help you prepare them for their up-and-coming boarding.

Consider boarding at your vet's or with their recommendation

Many times, a vet's office will also have boarding facilities for patients whose owners are going out of town. Boarding your dog at their vet means they will be well cared for. If their vet doesn't offer this service, you should ask them which facilities they work with, so you know your dog will have access to their own vet should something come up that requires veterinarian assistance.

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