It's A Good Idea To Take Your Pet To The Veterinary Clinic And Have Them Fixed

One of the common reasons why someone takes their pet to the veterinary clinic is to have them spayed or neutered. This process is done to prevent them from reproducing. You can learn more about the importance of having your pets spayed or neutered in this article. 

There is an overpopulation of dogs and cats

There are already more dogs and cats out there than there are homes for. The number of animals without homes has created crowding in animal shelters. There are more animals in the shelters than there are people who adopt them.  

Having your pet fixed is the best thing that you can do to help ensure your pet doesn't become a part of the problem. You can take them to the veterinary clinic for the simple procedure and know there won't be any surprise litters in the future. 

Animals can get pregnant no matter how careful you are

A common mistake many homeowners make is to assume their pets won't reproduce because they are so good about keeping their pets contained. However, animals have a very strong urge to reproduce when the female is in heat. The females will try their hardest to get out, so they can find a male. Males can smell the scent of a female in heat from a good distance away, so they will try to get out as well. 

Your pet who may be so obedient most of the time could end up running out the front door when you open it or even breaking a portion of your fence in order to mate with a nearby pet when it's mating season. Having your pets spayed or neutered can prevent this from happening. Not only can having them fixed at the veterinary clinic help to prevent future litters, but it will also help decrease the odds of your pet getting out and becoming lost. 

Having your pet fixed can be better for them

Pets that aren't fixed can become problematic during mating season for more reasons than described above. They can end up becoming especially territorial and get into fights, injuring themselves and the other animal. They can also have an increased risk of certain health problems, such as certain types of cancers. Having your pet fixed can prevent cancers, such as testicular cancer in males and mammary cancer in females.

Now that you have read how important it is to have your pet fixed, you may want to make an appointment to get them into the veterinary clinic to have the procedure done.

Contact a local veterinary clinic, such as Johnstown Veterinary Associates, to learn more.   

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